London's ULEZ cheap older cars

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The Austin Maestro were ten a penny in the eighties

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The Perfect Mate

For those looking for a smaller city run-around, the Austin Metro is another ageing British motor that - granted you get one over 40 years old - will evade the £12.50 ULEZ daily charge

 ULEZ charge exemption

Find a very early example of the Citroen BX and it will not only qualify for ULEZ charge exemption when the boundary is extended in August

Edu Tech gyan

interesting and cheap car that was ULEZ-compliant, so he'd avoid having to pay £12.50 to enter London. His choice was this Saab 9-3 Convertible, which cost £2,600 in summer 2022

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£110m ULEZ scrappage

Sadiq Khan's controversial plans to extend London's ULEZ took a massive step closer with the launch of a new £110million scrappage scheme.