How to Find Out if The Number is Busy Without Calling

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Hello friends, welcome to the edu tech gyan, as you know when we call someone. And the person is busy with another call. So in this case, our call goes on hold or our phone says, “The number you have dialed is currently busy. Please try again after some time.”

So friends, in today’s video we will learn how to determine whether the call is busy or not without calling. To do this, you may need to use many methods, of which I will tell you here the very correct methods, some of which are given below.

How to find out if the number is busy without calling

Friends, if you want your partner, if one of your friends is busy with the call, if he does not come, how do you find him? So for this you have many options. If you want to call him and the call is busy, then this person is busy with another call, otherwise this call is not busy. This method is very inefficient, because in the process we have to call every time, which completes the message in the eyes of the person in front of us. And how many calls will we make in such a day? Therefore, the two options below can help you a lot to find out if the call is busy.

Find out if others’ calls are busy on Whatsapp

If you want to know if your girlfriend, boyfriend or other person is busy with another call, you can use WhatsApp for this. If you ever feel that your girlfriend, wife or other person is secretly talking to someone on the phone at this time, open WhatsApp to confirm and call his WhatsApp number if he is busy. So the call on hold will be displayed differently This call will ring.

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By making a call here, you can deal with the fact that the WhatsApp call was made by mistake. With this method, if the other person keeps the internet turned off on their phone, you won’t be able to find out if they are busy with another call or not, as their WhatsApp internet should remain active for this.

Therefore, let us introduce you to a new method that will help you know who is busy and who is not without a call.

How to recognize that a call is busy without calling

First install Truecaller on your cell phone and nowadays you can see Truecaller on any phone. And register your number here, after that the list of all numbers is in front of you. Whoever is busy at the moment will see “in conversation” on this number, which means that they are busy with another call at the moment. In this way we can find out who is on the phone without calling.

How to find out if the number is busy without calling
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Friends, I hope you enjoyed this information, you get information about this method and all kinds of information related to the Internet, of course, you get here. So keep learning something new and stay at home by staying away from Corona. Thank you very much.

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