GTA has spent $8,000,000 on itself, Oppressor MK2 Price Increase

Oppressor MK2 Price Increase
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Oppressor MK2 Price Increase: According to the official website of GTA, this company has spent a lot of money in this game, which is about $ 8,000,000 for oppressor mk2. It may be very expensive but it is a special vehicle that is more powerful than other vehicles.

And let me tell you according to the information then this is a flying bike which is very popular in this game.

That the flying bike in the Criminal Enterprises update of GTA Online was already a strong vehicle, but players in player-versus-player modes may have noticed that its homing missiles and countermeasures were not very effective.

GTA has spent $8,000,000 on change update

That despite its weaknesses, the flying bike is still considered to be a very high-quality vehicle for most situations in the game. However, the question remains whether or not it is worth spending $8,000,000 on this vehicle.

This statement suggests that there will be a price update for several vehicles in GTA Online on April 27 to make them more balanced and reflective of their true value.

Some vehicles that have exceptional utility, performance, or weaponry will see an increase in their prices, including the Pegassi Oppressor Mk II.

This means that players may need to re-evaluate their choices regarding purchasing or upgrading certain vehicles in the game based on these changes.

raising fears among gamers

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This message explains why the Oppressor Mk II is still considered one of the best vehicles in GTA Online, despite being nerfed. Some of the reasons include:

  • Top-tier mobility: The bike can fly anywhere in the game except underwater, making it highly maneuverable and allowing players to quickly move across the map.
  • Low-skill floor: The bike is easy to control and doesn’t require a lot of skill to master, making it accessible to all players.
  • Missiles are still effective for PvE: Although the homing missiles can be difficult to aim at airborne NPCs, they are still useful against most other enemies on the ground.
  • Small size: The bike’s small size makes it harder for enemies to hit, compensating for its lack of armor.
  • Easy to summon: The bike can be summoned easily through the Interaction Menu, without having to go through lengthy dialogue with the mechanic.

Despite being nerfed, the Oppressor Mk II is still a highly sought-after vehicle in GTA Online due to its versatile mobility and overall usefulness.

$8,000,000 is worth a lot to some players

Most of the vehicles that will see price changes in the April 27 update will see an increase or decrease in the price of approximately $1,000,000.

Oppressor Mk II will see the most impactful change from this index, as its default price will increase from $3,890,250 to $8,000,000. It will be double of the maximum price after April 27.

The most exotic vehicles in GTA Online cost somewhere between $1-3 million. $8,000,000 is a lot for the average person. However, there is a way to reduce its cost which will help you make some significant savings.

Unlocking the Trade Value of the Tyrant Mk II

I can tell you that there is no direct way to negate the trade value of Mk II. However, you can reduce its cost by using a few methods. One way could be

  • Get in touch with a representative and talk to them to see if they can offer you a discount. There should be a possibility of a maximum discount if you have been playing it for a long time or else you use their other services or products.
  • The next way could be to refer you to some social media other than Grand Theft Auto Online where people can post it to sell or buy. It can be a search for alternatives in a market that can connect you with people who are willing to buy it or available to sell it.

Here’s what you need to know:

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Current cost before update: $3,890,250
Trade value before update: $2,925,000
How much would you save if you unlocked the trade value: 75.18796992481203%
New Cost on April 27: $8,000,00
What would be the trade value on Apr 27: ~$6,015,037

Oppressor MK2 price increase

The Pegassi Oppressor Mk II has been a beloved vehicle in GTA Online since its release in 2018. This flying motorcycle has become a staple for players looking to quickly travel across the map, complete missions, and engage in PvP combat.

However, its utility and power have come at a cost. On April 27, 2023, Rockstar Games will be updating the prices for several vehicles in GTA Online to better reflect their value to players, and the Oppressor Mk II will see the biggest change.

The Oppressor Mk II is currently priced at $3,890,250

a price that many players have been willing to pay for the vehicle’s top-tier mobility and versatility.

However, the default price of the Oppressor Mk II will rise to $8,000,000 after the April 27 update, more than double its current price.

This sudden increase in price has raised concerns among players who may not be able to afford the vehicle after the update.

Oppressor Mk II is an essential tool for completing missions

For many players, the Oppressor Mk II is an essential tool for completing missions, traveling across the map, and engaging in PvP combat.

The motorcycle’s ability to fly makes it a fast and efficient way to navigate the game world, and its powerful missiles and countermeasures make it a formidable weapon against both NPCs and other players.

However, these features also make the Oppressor Mk II a controversial vehicle in the game.

Oppressor Mk II is overpowered and makes it too easy for players

Many players have complained that the Oppressor Mk II is overpowered and makes it too easy for players to dominate in PvP combat.

The motorcycle’s ability to fly, combined with its powerful missiles and countermeasures, gives players a significant advantage over those who do not have the vehicle.

Some players have even called for the Oppressor Mk II to be removed from the game entirely.

Oppressor Mk II may be an attempt to address some of these concerns

Rockstar Games’ decision to increase the price of the Oppressor Mk II may be an attempt to address some of these concerns. By making the vehicle more expensive, it may be less accessible to players who use it primarily for PvP combat.

However, this decision has also raised concerns among players who use the Oppressor Mk II for other purposes, such as completing missions and traveling across the map.


Oppressor Mk II price increase has sparked controversy among GTA Online players. While some players believe that the vehicle is overpowered and that the price increase is a step in the right direction, others

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