Who is the Owner of Social Media Facebook | Which Country’s Company is This?

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Friends, in this article we will talk about interesting information related to Facebook, in which we are going to know who is the owner of Facebook and which country is Facebook company. Along with this, we are going to give you some more interesting information about Facebook.

Facebook which is a huge social network site and currently everyone uses it and probably you will too. But do you know who owns it? Which country is this company from?

If your answer is yes then it is a good thing but still there are many people who are not aware of this and they keep searching on Google for this type of information and in this context this article of ours is very important for you. It is going to happen. Such people Huh.

So if you also want to know about the information related to Facebook, then do not skip this post at all and read carefully till the end.

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What is Social Media Facebook?

Facebook is a social media platform or social networking site that allows people to provide many services for free, including video, photo and chat and marketing.

Facebook is a very big social platform which is available in Hindi and English as well as many other languages ​​and to use it you have to create an account in it and after that you can connect with anyone in the world apart from your friends and relatives. can. . can connect with.

Who Owns Social Media Facebook?

Facebook’s owner is Mark Zuckerberg, who started Facebook and continues to lead his company today. Mark Zuckerberg’s full name is Mark Eliot Zuckerberg.

Mark Zuckerberg was born on 14 May 1984 in New York, a big city in the US. If we talk about his childhood, then he was more fond of technology from the beginning and for this reason he also did his studies from Harvard University so that he could do work related to his interest.

After that he started Facebook during his college time and today it has become such a big network which was possible due to his hard work and dedication.

What is the Hindi name of Facebook – Facebook is also known as Facebook in Hindi, but if we talk about its meaning in short, then where can it be called a free social networking program in Hindi.

Who owns Facebook? :- Facebook is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, who hails from America.

Who is the CEO of Social Media Facebook?

The CEO of the Facebook company is Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook himself, who also serves as the CEO of his company.

In many companies the CEO is not the owner and someone is made a separate CEO but the owner of Facebook manages his own company and also looks after the CEO’s workload.

Which country’s company is Social Media Facebook?

Now let’s talk about where Facebook is a company or which country, then let us tell you that Facebook is a social networking company in America, which was started by Mark Zuckerberg, a resident of New York, America.

Mark Zuckerberg is a US resident since the inventor of Facebook and he created Facebook at Harvard University in the US, so Facebook is considered an American company.

When did Social Media Facebook start?

Now if we talk about the beginning of Facebook, then it was started by Mark Zuckerberg on 4 February 2004 during his Harvard University studies.

At that time, he launched Facebook as a site through which anyone could upload their photos and talk to other people. Shortly after the launch of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg made it a huge social network platform with his dedication and hard work.

Currently Facebook is the third largest social platform after Google and YouTube. Currently Facebook operates as a business and due to that Mark Zuckerburk has been included in the list of top 10 rich people.

Mark Zuckerburk ranks sixth in the list of top 10 richest people and currently has a net worth of US$66 billion. Along with this, he was also included in the list of Person of the Year and Forbes World’s Most Powerful People in the year 2010.

When was Facebook founded? :- Facebook was founded on 4 February 2004.

Which country’s app is Social Media Facebook from?

The Facebook app is from America, which was started on 4 February 2004.

Who owns the Facebook company? Or who is the founder of Facebook?

The owner of the Facebook company is Mark Zuckerberg.

Which country’s company is Facebook?

Facebook is an American company.

When did Social Media Facebook come to India?

Facebook was started in 2004 but by September 2006 people started using it in India.

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