DayZ Combat Tactics: Engaging Enemies and Surviving Firefights

DayZ Combat Tactics
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Most streaming community gamers and PS Heads post vague commentaries about all the combative techniques online. Either they do not work out or just feel too subjectively opinionated. But there is an easy way to learn these techniques to survive longer in the game. 

Let’s start from the start. 

First of all, it’s important to understand how DayZ functions as a video game. What is the overall idea of the game?


DayZ is a deadly multiplayer open-world survival-action thriller game developed and published by the Bohemian Interactive group. 

It puts you in a fictitious apocalyptic battle zone of post-Soviet Chernarus with multiple zombie threats everywhere to kill you. You must survive these threats by incessantly killing them and keeping your health boost active until you reach the safe zone. 

If you die, you lose everything and must start again. 


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  • PS5
  • PS VR2
  • PS Plus


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Key Features

  • Complex Survival Mechanics. 
  • Intensive emotional reactions with several other players.
  • Beautiful Landscapes and Landmarks based on real locations. 
  • Multiple environmental threats to test your capabilities. 
  • No Checkpoints or Safety zones for a health boost.

Combat Survival Tactics: 

Understanding all the basic functionality of DayZ games is imperative. You must be familiar with using the interface, the whole concept of the game, and navigation through the map. Many guidelines are available on their official website please visit DayZ powered by Bohemia Interactive. Go check it out now. 

Getting shot from invisible spots feels unfair; it’s a multiplayer competitive game where everyone wants to be ahead of everyone else. Most of these Killshots are hard to grasp, and identifying their source is quite difficult as the game keeps enhancing with variations in every user interface. It’s a highly unpredictable video game which is an obvious answer to why it is so good. 

I hope these guidelines will help you to get better at surviving wrathful firefights: 

Take Correct Covers

Keep moving until you find the right spot to hide where the zombies can’t reach you. Don’t stop at spots where you previously got hidden and brutally shot by the opponents. These spots are prone to your game. Quickly Adjust your cover when your teammates locate from which direction the fire is coming. Be Adaptable.

Respond to Firefight: Engage your Enemies

Don’t get scared or keep hiding yourself in the fear of being dead. Sometimes being too careful can lead to callousness, lose it and go, full rogue. 

Understand who your opponent is; don’t get in the heat of the moment and shoot your friend. That will decrease your survival rate if you don’t have a group to give you tactical cover. 

Once the direction of the enemy fireline is identified, start firing at it with suppressive firing superiority MK 2 or Sporter 22 ammo guns. Engage them all in that one direction and then march towards other spots.

The KillSHOT

Do not try to score hits during the firefight enemy line. Save your ammo for precision firing, also known as the Killshot, to gain extra rewards later. Timing is key here, patience leads to greater rewards. Wait for a perfect opportunity when you see enough players at 100 meters gathering; take that moment as your KillSHOT precision firing. 

Don’t lay out in the open for that kill shot,  it might so happen that other opponents can spot you and aim their fire at you. Always have your friend squad give you proper cover from each direction so that you can take that kill shot perfectly. 

Blind firing

Literally the stupidest thing to do; you know you have completely lost the battle when you and your team resort to blind spot firing. It’s the worst thing to do because you will be wasting your entire ammo for nothing. 

With that ammo, you can still recoup the course of the game, there are many methods to do so. Cleverness and an Active mindset are definitely going to help you survive long in this game. 

Covering fire 

Covering fire is a suppressive tactic used during combat to move in a specific direction safely. Do not sprint across the street hoping not to get shot like in some war movie, have your guys lay down some rounds on the enemy position, and then do a Short distance sprint in the direction you want to go and take cover. 

Do not ask for covering fire and take off on a 100-meter sprint down the road. Combine this technique with bounding & leaping (combat movement/tactics) for the best way to move during a firefight.

Watch out for the Zombies

No matter where you are, Zombies are attracted to your flesh. They will follow you everywhere you go, they are the game’s auto bots who are going to stop you from unleashing your wrath on the field. 

Sometimes, while fighting hardcore battles with our opponents, we forget about them, and they attack us in our absence of minds. It’s important to keep track of them through the map. Keep the active status range of theirs always on. Whenever they come close, take a killing shot at them.

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