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Fix Bad Pen Drive or Memory Card – In 2 Minutes (Easiest Way)

Fix Bad Pen Drive or Memory Card
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Today in this article we are telling you the easiest way to fix a bad pen drive or memory card. Often people throw away the use after considering the pen drive or memory card as useless. While it’s not useless. It simply gets corrupted, which can be easily fixed.

How do we repair corrupted pen drive or memory card here today? We are telling you a very easy way about this, with the help of which you will be able to repair your pen drive or memory card in just 2 minutes.

What is pen drive?

Pen drive is also called USB Flash Drive or Flash Memory. It is a portable device, that is, it can be easily carried from one place to another. Simply put, a pen drive is a storage device, which is used to transfer files or documents.


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What is memory card?

It is an electronic storage device. Which is used in electronic devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, music players and video games. It is in the form of a small chip. In this data can be repeatedly transferred, copied, moved or deleted.

Memory cards are used to store data in electronic devices. In this, photos, videos, audios, documents etc. can be easily stored. It is used in digital cameras, digital camcorders, handheld computers, smartphones, mobile phones, MP3 players, game consoles, etc.

Why do pen drives or memory cards get damaged?

  • Remove / eject pen drive or memory card while copying, moving or deleting data.
  • Remove / remove the pen drive or memory card during formatting.
  • It can also get corrupted or damaged by over-formatting.
  • Remove the pen drive or memory card without removing it by hand.
  • It can also get worse due to more virus in PC or laptop.
  • It may break due to excessive pressure.
  • Using them repeatedly in different types of operating systems.

How to fix bad pen drive or memory card?

If there is any physical damage to the pen drive or memory card, such as a minor crack, then you will not be able to fix it. Apart from this, if there is no physical damage then you can easily repair the use.

Memory cards or pen drives that are not visible when inserted into the computer cannot be repaired. They have become completely worn out and useless. Sometimes the memory card or pen drive sticks lightly i.e. it gets cracked. Therefore they cannot be repaired.

It is showing in my computer when memory card or pen drive is connected to the computer but its size is not visible and it is not even open, then you can easily fix such memory card or pen drive.

How to Repair Damaged Pen Drive or Memory Card

  • First of all connect the pen drive or memory card to your laptop or computer.
  • Then open the Run command window by pressing Windows Key + R.
  • Under Run Command you have to type CMD.
  • After typing cmd, press Enter key or click on OK button.
  • Now CMD Command Prompt will open on your screen. Here you have to give some commands.
  • First of all here you have to give diskpart command. Enter after typing the command







NOTE:- Here I have written SELECT DISK 1. You will write according to your pen drive or memory card disk number. If Disk 2 is written next to your pen drive, then you type SELECT DISK 2 command. According to the above screenshot, Disk 1 is a corrupt pen drive in our computer, in front of which the size 0 is also visible.

  • After giving clean command your disk will be clean.
  • Now after this you have to give further commands.
  • After cleaning the disk, create a partition in it.
  • For this you have to give Create Partition Primary command.
  • To understand in simple words, after the disk is cleaned, you have to type these commands one by one from the serial given below.






After giving the last command FORMAT FS=FAT32, the processing will start. The percentage will start playing on the screen. Now you have to wait till 100% completion here. After that as soon as 100% complete, your bad pen drive or memory card will be completely fixed.

Now you have to type EXIT and press Enter. Entering CMD will close the command prompt. Now you can check your bad pen drive or memory card by going to my computer. When opened it will also open and the shape will also be visible, which was not visible before.

Now your pen drive will be completely fixed. So in this way you can easily fix your bad pen drive or SD card through CMD Command Prompt.

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