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Hello! Now you know that the computer runs on a set of instructions or commands. This set of commands is given by the operating system. The operating system is a software which helps us to work in computer. The most popular Operating System is Windows developed by Microsoft Inc, USA. 

When you switched ON the computer, you see a lot of things happening. The screen on the computer shows many changes within seconds. These changes occur due to the operating system. 

When you switch ON your computer, after a few seconds you may see the windows logo like this: 

After a short while, the computer shows the first screen with many small pictures and names on it. This is called the desktop of the computer. 

Many people put lovely pictures of flowers, animation, cartoons, etc., on their desktop.

Menu Bar 

The Menu Bar contains many functions we can do in this window. 

Task Bar 

The Task Bar is in the end of the window. Every time a window is opened, a button showing it appears in the taskbar. 

Vertical Scroll Bar 

The Vertical Scroll Bar is used to move window page up and down. 

Horizontal Scroll Bar 

The Horizontal Scroll Bar is used to move it sideway. 

There are three buttons on the extreme of the top right of the window. These are used to change the size of the window. 

 When you open the window, it is of standard size. 

The Minimize Button is used to reduce the size of the window. When you click it, the current window you are working in, is reduced to an icon and appears in the taskbar. 

This is a Maximise Button. It is used to increase the size of the window. When you click it, the window’s size increase and fits to the screen.

 This is a Close Button. You can close the program by clicking it. 

Sometimes, you change the size of the window. This Restore Button is used to bring it to the same size asit was.

Sometimes you change the size of the window. This Restore button is used to bring it to the same size as it was.

Moving the Window

The Window screen is like a frame. You can change its size, move or use it in the way as convenient to you. 

When you go to the menu bar, an arrow appears. You can drag or move. Your window to some other part of the screen, by dragging this arrow with mouse.

Changing the Size of the window

You can also increase or decrease the size of the window, the way you want. It can be used done both by length and breadth. 

When you bring your cursor towards the sides of the window it changes its shape to this arrow. You can decrease or increase its size.

Using Mouse

The mouse moves with the help of a ball on a mouse pad. You can ‘click’ the buttons of the mouse to make it work. 

When the mouse moves, an arrow moves on the screen. You can select a program, by bringing the arrow on a program and double clicking it.

A cursor is a blinking line on the screen. Whatever you type, draw or start in the windows, it is done from where the position of the cursor is. In the above window, after you write ‘CAT’ the cursor comes at the end.

We use ENTER key to bring the cursor to the next line.

Start Menu Button

You have already learnt that windows are started and shut down from the Start menu button. It is very important because all other activities of the windows are also done by using it.

Let’s Revise 

Microsoft Windows is the most popular operating system, developer br Microsoft USA. 

The first screen of windows is called desktop

The small pictures of desktop are called the icons.

Title bar, menu bar, task bar, vertical scroll bar and horizontal scroll , bar are the main part of windows. 

Maximize button is used to increase the size of window.

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