What is Multimedia? All About Multimedia

What is Multimedia? All About Multimedia
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Hello friends, what is multimedia today? What is multimedia? Types of Multimedia? Advantages of Multimedia? Multimedia access? Learn about this post. You must be using electronic devices like computer, mobile, television. But do you know what multimedia is? What is the definition of multimedia?

If you are a student or preparing for any competition then you must have complete knowledge of multimedia. Multimedia can be used not only in computer but in every electronic devices like mobile, television. So let’s know, complete information about multimedia.

What is multimedia?

Multimedia is derived from the English words “multi” and “media”. The word “multi” means “multiple” means many, and “media” means “medium”. If understood in simple words, multimedia is a medium by which different types of information are conveyed to the user by mixing many types of media such as video, audio, text, image, animation, graphics etc.

Any information can be submitted by any means only. Multimedia is used to present information in more than one medium simultaneously. Multimedia establishes two-way communication between computers and users. Under multimedia, information or information can be presented in the form of text, image, video, audio, animation, graphics etc.
With the passage of time there have been many improvements in the multimedia sector as well. Earlier only still photos or pictures could be sent or transferred through computer, but today we can easily send or transfer all types of media like – video, audio, image, text, animation, graphics etc. Huh. can transfer.

Definition of multimedia

Multimedia is made up of many elements such as video, audio, picture, sound, animation, art, etc. All the elements are delivered to the users via computer or any electronic device. Multimedia is made up of two words “multi” and “medium”. It includes all types of media like text, images, videos, audios etc. In this all the information or information is processed digitally.

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Elements of Multimedia

Multimedia consists of the following elements:

1) text

Text represents information through letters, numbers, and special characters. Text can be combined with graphics, images, sound, animation or video. Text can be made more effective with different colors, fonts and three-dimensional effects.

2) Pictures and Graphics

Pictures or graphs are also used in multimedia. It is stored in the computer as digital data. Some popular software to store it are –

GIF (Graphical Interchange Format)

It is a format of image, GIF images are animated pictures. In this 8 bit color image has been used.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JPEG is also an extension format for a photo. In this, 24 bit color image is used. 24 bit color is called true color.

Bitmap Graphics

In bitmap graphics, the image or graph is divided into bits and pixels and stored on the computer. Scanner and digital camera photos are stored in bitmap graphics. Some popular bitmap graphics software are Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, 3D Studio etc.

vector graphics

In vector graphics, mathematical axes are used to create a picture or graph. This makes it easy to make frequent changes to the graphics. It is used in cartoon making and animation.

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3) Audio

Those sound waves which we can hear are called audible or sound. Audio is an integral part of multimedia. The frequency range of an audio signal is from 200 Hz to 3200 Hz, while humans can hear the frequency of 20 Hz to 20 kHz. Audio is an analog signal. This is converted into electronic signals by the microphone.

These electronic signals are converted into digital data and stored in the computer. These are converted into electrical waves for listening to this digital audio. Speakers or headphones convert these electrical waves into analog sound waves that our work can hear. Artificial digital audio data can be generated by computers that we can hear through speakers or headphones. For this, it is necessary to have sound card hardware in the computer. A multimedia computer is capable of generating, recording and playing audio data. Some popular audio file formats are:

  • MPEG – Motion Picture Expert Group Audio
  • mp3 – mpeg audio layer 3
  • WAV – Waveform Audio File Format
  • MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface, etc.

4) Video

A multimedia computer can record, edit, store and play a series of video images that can be viewed on a computer monitor. This requires video card hardware. Nowadays multimedia computers are being used in the field of entertainment for recording videos, viewing video pictures and playing video games etc.

5) Streaming

A file of audio or video data takes up a lot of memory and takes a long time to be downloaded over the Internet. And we can use the downloaded audio or video data only when the file is completely downloaded. Streaming technology is used to solve this problem.

With this technique the audio/video file is compressed so that it occupies less space. Also the file is started immediately i.e. play. While the file is playing, the remaining parts of the file are also downloaded. Thus, there is no need to wait for the entire file to be downloaded to use the file. This is called streaming. YouTube video streaming is the most common example of this.

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6) Animations

A group of still graphic images that are shown one after the other in such a way that motion is felt in the picture is called animation. Animation consists of a series of pictures in which each picture is replaced by the next after a certain time interval so that the picture appears to move.

For this, at least 25 to 30 sequential pictures have to be shown in 1 second. Animation is being used in commercials, cartoons, movies, video games, movies and virtual reality etc. Animations are commonly used to represent effects where videography is not possible. Software like 3D Studio, Animator Studio, Adobe Photoshop etc. are used for animation.

7) Multimedia Kiosk

A kiosk is an interactive multimedia computer. In this, the stored information can be retrieved by touching the graphical user interface (GUI) icon located on the computer screen with the fingers. In this, information can be expressed in the form of text, image, animation, sound or video or a combination thereof. Kiosks are used to provide useful information on public places like railway stations, airports, hospitals, tourist places, hotels etc.

importance of multimedia

In today’s modern and digital age, the importance of multimedia has increased a lot. With the help of multimedia, we can easily get any information or information through any media like – video, image, audio, text, animation etc. Through multimedia itself, any information can be sent or transferred anywhere instantly. It is the best and easiest way of communication, there are many means of communication available.

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types of multimedia


You all must know about television, nowadays everyone has a TV in their house. Television is also a multimedia device. It makes full use of multimedia. In this, all movies and dramas are shown very well through multimedia. Graphics and animation are used in this.

storage devices

Multimedia equipment also includes all types of storage devices. In a storage device, we can store files like video, audio, images, text, graphics, animations, etc. Thus storage devices also include types of multimedia. Examples of Storage Devices – Hard Disk, Pen Drive, DVD, CD Rom, etc.

computer system

A computer system is a device or machine with which we can create and edit animations, videos, images, audios, etc. All the graphic data, animations etc are created by computer. A computer is a multimedia device, it probably does not need to be disclosed to anyone. Examples of Computer Systems – Desktops, Laptops, Workstations, Smartphones, Tablets etc.

kiosk system

Kiosk is a type of electronic device, which is used to get information by touching the screen. In this, the stored information can be retrieved by touching the graphical user interface (GUI) icon located on the computer screen with the fingers. In this, information can be expressed in the form of text, image, animation, sound or video or a combination thereof.

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multimedia computer system requirements

  • A computer
  • At least 512 MB main memory (RAM)
  • video card
  • audio card
  • speaker
  • CD ROM or DVD Drive
  • mpeg card
  • multimedia software
  • mike
  • webcam, etc.

multimedia computer system requirements

  • Multimedia is used to make education interesting and interactive. Multimedia is being used in virtual classes and e-learning.
  • Multimedia is used to watch movies, play video games, create animations and cartoon movies.
  • Multimedia is used for training in many fields such as sports, arts, driving.
  • In preparing attractive advertisements in the field of business.
  • In the creation of virtual reality.
  • in video conferencing.
  • Providing information through multimedia kiosks.
  • To add special effects to movies.
  • To make information accessible to the people by presenting the information in a better and effective manner.

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benefits of multimedia

  • Multimedia is considered as one of the best means of communication.
  • Through this a presentation of high quality can be presented or provided.
  • Increases the effectiveness of learning about any subject through multimedia.
  • This reduces the cost of training.
  • It can be used as a wide variety of audience.
  • It contributes a lot to the entertainment and educational sector.
  • It is multi-sensory. This means that users use all the senses to see, read or listen to the content in it.
  • It is completely user friendly.
  • It is very flexible. In this, the media can be changed easily.
  • It provides system portability.
  • It is very easy to use.

disadvantages of multimedia

  • This requires special hardware.
  • It takes time to compile.
  • Multimedia is also misused many times by the users.
  • Sometimes the information gets overloaded due to too much information in it.
  • Multimedia can sometimes require a lot of resources, in that it can also be very expensive.
  • Not every device supports all multimedia files properly, so compatibility issues are often seen.
  • It is also not easy to configure.

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